The Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (IADS) was founded in 1980 by Drs. Myron Nevins and Gerald Kramer. The mission of Institute was to encourage elite dentists to enhance their capabilities to provide their patients with ideal results. The first programs provided education in periodontics and in periodontal prosthesis. There were four levels in periodontal prosthesis including diagnostics, occlusion, periodontal therapies, treatment of multi-rooted teeth that focused on the preparation of the periodontium to accept fixed restorative dentistry.

The periodontal surgery programs determined the limitation of non-surgical therapy, proposed the most up-to-date education in surgical therapy and the post-surgical management of the patient. With the demand for additional courses, adult orthodontics, endodontics, ceramics, regeneration and head and neck anatomy were introduced. As dental implants became a predictable therapy, a curriculum began in the mid 1980’s which provided both surgical and restorative knowledge to dentists throughout the United States and abroad.The Institute then began providing international programs with live surgical education to international groups.

Overall, the Institute continues to provide dentists with cutting edge knowledge to achieve optimal results!