Surgical extraction course

The Preservation of Extraction Sockets and Use of Biological Materials in Combination of  Bone Grafting:  2-Day Surgical Extraction Course

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Date: TBD

Place: New York City, USA

Faculty: Dr. Hector L. Sarmiento, DMD, MSc (USA), Dr. Danielle Cardaropoli, DDS (Italy)


OBJECTIVE: To train the dental clinicians to perform surgical extraction procedures focusing on management of socket preservation using biologic materials in mixture with bone grafting..

  • Review of the scientific background of atraumatic extractions including biological aspects, biochemical, and engineering aspects and the step-by-step process of current procedures
  • Presentation of patient selection criteria
  • Detailed presentation of clinical surgical procedures
  • Presentation of Bone remodeling
  • Presentation of instrumentation needed for atraumatic extractions
  • Presentation of biologic materials including PDGF, PRF, Emdogain and BMP’s
  • Presentation of soft tissue manipulation
  • Edited videotapes made from live surgery. The technical details in connection with surgery are explained and include treatment alternatives, Participants have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss clinical problems.
  • An extensive HANDS-ON of bone manipulation and biologics in typodont setting.
  • Preoperative technique, follow-up radiographical technique and the computerized patient control system are discussed.
  • Discussion of possible complications and how to handle them
  • Presentation of long term clinical studies
  • Presentation of current and ongoing biological research

After course knowledge: Advanced expert in site development.

Upon completion student will be awarded a certificate of completion by the Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.


Course Tuition: $2,999