Peri-implantitis – 2-Day Surgical Course

Predictable Surgical Management of  Peri-implantitis:

2-Day Surgical Course

Date: TBD

Place: New York City

Faculty: American Board Certified Periodontist

OBJECTIVE: To train the dental clinician to perform, identify and classify peri-implantitis in a  non-surgical and surgical approach.

  • Review of the scientific background of peri-implantitis including biological aspects, biochemical, and engineering aspects and the step-by-step process of current procedures
  • Presentation of surface detoxifications.
  • Detailed presentation of clinical surgical procedures
  • Detailed presentation of chemical therapy to detoxify implant surfaces
  • Detailed presentation of laser therapy including the use of Er:YAG, Nd:YAG, Co2 and diode lasers.
  • Detailed presentation on implantoplasty surface modification
  • Edited videotapes made from live surgery. The technical details in connection with surgery are explained and include treatment alternatives, Participants have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss clinical problems.
  • Preoperative technique, follow-up radiographical technique and the computerized patient control system are discussed.
  • Discussion of possible complications and how to handle them
  • Presentation of long term clinical studies
  • Presentation of current and ongoing biological research

After course knowledge: Advanced expert in identifying peri-implantitis and surgically handling Periimplantitis.

Upon completion student will be awarded a certificate of completion by the Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.



Course Tuition: $4,999